All-time low interest rates across Europe and the USA have resulted in investors looking to find new ways to generate a return on their cash.

This has transformed the lending market for mid-market companies, increasing liquidity in the market, providing price competition and more innovative finance products and most importantly increasing the numbers of finance providers in the market.

This presents an unprecedented opportunity for mid-market corporates, but to fully benefit it is important to understand the range of options available. This extends much further than just the cost of funds, but really understanding where your business is going, how it's going to get there and making sure that your financing is going to support you on this journey.


The funding landscape for mid-market corporates has fundamentally changed and with change comes opportunity.

The emergence of non-bank lenders and challenger banks in the market place has not only provided competition on pricing but also access to a variety of new finance products. If you are looking to secure funding we are able to use our extensive experience and market insight to guide you through this process.

Our dedicated team focuses on the debt raise, obtaining the best deal for you, and crucially, freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business. Using our extensive knowledge of the credit approval process we work with you to prepare for the fundraising, ensuring you have your robust credit story in place to deliver a compelling proposition to lenders.

Through challenging your assumptions and analysing the debt capacity of your business, including providing support in modelling where necessary, we are able to tackle any areas for improvement, identify execution risks and structure a funding package that best suits your strategic ambitions. This preparation is key to a successful debt raise and will save costs in the long run because the most expensive part of debt is often making subsequent amendments when thing's don't go to plan.

We also draw on the experience of our various secondees to debt providers, and offer regular insights and publications.

We can assist you with:

  • Creation of a strong and dynamic information memorandum

  • Financial forecast analysis which supports the strategic ambitions of the business

  • Capital structure optimisation

  • Collateral and covenant analysis

  • Expert financial modelling

  • Identification of appropriate debt instruments and pricing, using market intelligence and deep-rooted lender network










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