JBC provides the full suite of financial and strategic advisory services to its clients whether they are a multi-billion dollar global corporate looking to enter the Australian market or a local start-up looking to raise early stage/venture capital. We provide our clients with advice in relation to:

  • Acquisitions and buy side

  • Shareholder sell downs

  • Private placements

  • Strategic planning and business development

  • Strategic planning

  • Takeovers and mergers

  • Joint ventures

  • Structured finance

  • Valuations and financial modeling

  • Wealth Advisory

  • Divestments and trade sale exits

  • Debt raising and refinancing

  • Initial public offerings

  • Capital raisings and strategic partner search

  • Merger & Acquisition




2015 Private capital raise and advice

2016 Advice on partnership negotiations

2016 Private capital raise

2017 Convertible debt financing

2016 Re-financing of a convertible note

2017 Co-advisor on takeover

2016 Private capital raise

2014 Series A capital raise

2016 Strategic review

2015 Advice on merge & acquisition

2016 Buy-side on a major acquisition

2017 Debt capital financing




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